Banking and Finance

Department: Accounting and Finance        Faculty: Humanities, Management and Social Sciences

The Department of Accounting & Finance has two programmes under it; Accounting and Banking & Finance. The focus of the department is to provide an all-round academic experience in relating to the management and administration of public, commercial industrial and other human organizations.  These programmes will also equip students with various skills required for recognizing and analyzing problems, and taking appropriate decision using scientific techniques and tools.

To achieve these objectives and provide a broad based foundation, at 100 and 200 levels, the students in the two programmes share common courses and at 300, students concentrate on their chosen fields.

The Department awards the Bachelor of Science in Accounting (B.Sc Accounting) and the Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance (B.Sc Banking and Finance)

Programme Coordinators

Here are the faculty and administrative staff directly coordinating the programme

You can contact coordinators directly via their contact emails on their profile. Click on staff to view profile

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