Religious Studies

Department: Religious Studies        Faculty: Humanities, Management and Social Sciences

The Department of Religious Studies aims to acquaint its students with the main contents of the major religious traditions in Nigeria and the world, thereby promoting human values and good morals. This programme does not present any religious system as a sui generis exclusivist system but as an aspect of human behaviour in a society; therefore, the sociological, philosophical and political dimensions of religions are the focal points of study. Furthermore, this programme emphasizes the academic content of religious studies with a view to producing minds of a broad spectrum conducive to a pluralistic society; this makes it distinct from a degree obtainable from the Theological Colleges andArabic Schools.
Graduates of the programme acquire the skills which are the stepping stones for further training into the ministry of the church as well as teaching careers, administrative or even social work.

The Department awards the Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies (B.A Religious Studies).

Programme Coordinators

Here are the faculty and administrative staff directly coordinating the programme

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