Augustine University's hostel accommodation is more than just a place to rest; it's a home away from home, a supportive community, and an integral part of the university experience.

The Assumption Hall (Female Hostel) and Divine Mercy Hall (Male Hostel) at Augustine University stand as paragons of comfortable and supportive living spaces. These hostels go beyond providing mere accommodations; they offer an environment that promotes well-being, community, and personal growth.

The rooms aren't just places to sleep; they are havens of relaxation and concentration. Each room is a personal sanctuary where you can retreat after a day of classes, find solace in your studies, and rejuvenate for the next day's challenges.

But the hostels offer more than just rooms; they offer an array of facilities that cater to various aspects of student life. The kitchenettes are designed to provide students with a convenient space to wash their utensils and maintain cleanliness. It's important to note that these kitchenettes are not equipped for cooking, as cooking is not allowed within the hostel premises. The focus is on maintaining a safe and comfortable living environment for all residents.

The laundry rooms and ironing rooms ensure that your daily chores are handled conveniently. Reading rooms become havens for focused study, while television rooms and games rooms offer opportunities for relaxation and entertainment.

By choosing Augustine University, you're choosing more than just an education; you're choosing a holistic experience that supports your journey toward academic excellence and self-discovery.


Every student resides on campus and feeds at the University's main cafeteria with the prepaid meal cards to be provided after registration. 

Students are required to come along with the following items to the Hostel:

1.       Beddings – (specifically, one pillow, at least two sets of bed sheets and pillow slips). The University will provide the mattress while you will take away your pillow at the end of the session.

2.       Personal Clothing:  Students should note that though the University will not specify a particular dress code, it emphasizes “dress sense” which means that students must be properly dressed in a dignified manner to the classroom and around the hostel. T-shirt, body hug tops and slippers will not be allowed into the classrooms.

3.       Toiletries: Students should bring their own towels, house coats, tooth brushes, tooth paste, soaps, creams, etc.

4.       Notebooks and stationery

5.       Laptops / Notepad computers

6.       Laboratory coats for the science students.

7.       Mobile phones if you so desire


Students should note that the University has invested so much to provide decent and comfortable on-campus accommodation. The following items are therefore not allowed into the Hostels:

1.       Electrical gadgets such as refrigerators or freezers, boiling rings, electric kettles, microwave, hot plates and TV sets

2.       Gas cookers, kerosene/gas stoves, cooking pots and knives, etc

3.       Firearms, fireworks, weapons, explosives, pornographic materials, alcoholic drinks and hard drugs.

4.       Cars or other automobiles

Students would be required to complete a Tenancy Agreement form on arrival in the Hostel.



Augustine University offers more than just an education; it offers an experience that nourishes not only your mind but also your body and spirit.

The vibrant setting of our Cafeteria is more than just a place to dine; it's a hub of social interaction, where students from diverse backgrounds come together to share stories, laughter, and ideas. From hearty breakfasts to gourmet dinners, the cafeteria becomes a culinary canvas where international and local cuisines are masterfully crafted to satisfy not just your hunger but your palate's wanderlust.

Our campus is fully residential and every student feeds at the Cafeteria. Beyond the cafeteria, Augustine University's commitment to your well-being extends to the campus's food vendors. These vendors, handpicked for their dedication to hygiene and quality, offer an array of options that cater to diverse preferences and dietary needs.

By choosing Augustine University, you're not just opting for an institution; you're opting for an environment that recognizes the importance of nourishment in fostering a holistic educational experience.

UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA                                            University Cafeteria


The University Management is resuscitating the policy on handling of the students’ feeding plan, however the policy is now optional.

This implies that:

  • Students who prefer to handle their feeding funds on their own are free to do so responsibly.
  • For students who opt to pay their fees for feeding to the University for meal ticketing, the meal plan is as follows:
Meal Plans, Administrative charges inclusive Per Semester Per Session
Two (2) Meals per day N243,000.00 N486,000.00
Three (3) Meals per day N362,000.00 N724,000.00

Note that payments are made on the student's portal directly like the school fees.

Kindly note that you are not to pay through any form of Direct Transfer to any Bank Account.

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