The administrative structure of Augustine University consists of the Board of Trustees, Governing Council, Principal Officers as well as the usual organs put in place for the effective governance of tertiary institutions. These structures are carefully spelt out in the University Law.

The main Bodies and Officers of the University are as follows:

The Proprietor and Visitor to the University


The Archbishop & Metropolitan of the See of Lagos, Most Reverend Dr. Alfred Adewale Martins is the Proprietor and Visitor to the University.  He appoints the members of the Board of Trustees for the University.


The Visionary and Project Initiator


The Archbishop Emeritus of Lagos, His Eminence, Cardinal Anthony Olubunmi Okogie, who until August 2012 was the Archbishop of Lagos Diocese is the Visionary and project initiator of the University.  He currently oversees the physical development of the University.


The Chairman, Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees is the highest governing body of the University. The Board is responsible for the University’s policy directions, endowment, financing, strategy and long term planning. It is chaired by Sir Steve Omojafor, KCSS, OON.

The other members of the Board are: Msgr. B. Okodua, Msgr. F. Ogunmodede, Msgr. J.K.A Aniagwu, Msgr. Edward Hartnett, Dame Priscilla Kuye, Chief Albert Otushile (JP), Chief Sena Anthony and Mr. Yemi Cardoso.


The Chancellor


Mr. Femi Otedola is a Nigerian businessman and philanthropist, and the Chancellor of Augustine University. He is the highest Principal Officer of the University and takes precedence over all other members of the University. He is the Chairman of Convocation Ceremonies and other assemblies of the University. During convocation ceremonies, the Chancellor takes on the role of an esteemed figure who confers degrees upon the graduates.


Chancellor of Augustine University
The Chairman of the Governing Council


The Council is the governing body of the University and has the general mandate of providing a general policy and strategic direction in the running of the institution. The Body is also in control of the properties and expenditures of the University.  It has the ultimate responsibility to ensure that the University’s mission and objectives are realized. It is the official employer of all staff and controls resources required to support the University’s activities. The activities and affairs of the Council are documented by the Registrar of the University. The Chairman of the Governing Council is Chief Gilbert Temisan Grant

The other members of Council are: Msgr. Jerome Oduntan, Msgr. Pascal Nwaezeapu, Dame Marie Fatayi-Williams, Dr. (Mrs.) Victoria Pillah, Dame Winnie Akpani, Dr. (Mrs.) Beatrice Akanji, Mr. Peter Nwanze, Mr. Toyin Pinheiro, Prof. U.M.O. Ivowi and Mrs. Adebunmi Adekanye

The Principal Officers


Professor Christopher Odetunde Vice-Chancellor Augustine University Ilara-Epe The Vice-Chancellor


Professor Christopher Odetunde is the Chief Executive Officer and the academic head of the University. The Vice-Chancellor is also the chief exponent of the educational mission of the University and his office serves as the nerve centre of activities in areas of protocol, external relations and coordination of various internal organs. The Vice-Chancellor ensures that the Vision and Mission statements of the University are meticulously followed. He is responsible to the Governing Council for the management of the human, monetary and other material resources of the University.



The Deputy Vice-Chancellor      


Professor Anthony Akinwale, OP is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor. He assists the Vice-Chancellor in providing leadership within the University and delivering the University strategy to become a world class University.





Mrs. Margaret Itohan Aziba is the Chief Administrative Officer and head of Registry of the University. She is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to day administrative activities of the University. The Registrar is the Secretary to the Governing Council, Senate, Convocation and Congregation as well as custodian of the seal and other legal documents of the University.


Acting Bursar


Mrs. Mary Ajibulu is the Acting Bursar of the University. She is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day financial administration of the University. The Acting Bursar has the responsibility of overseeing and managing institutional funds the University. She oversees the overall operations of student financial services, billing and receivables, and cashiering functions of the University. She also provides direction and leadership in financial management, fiscal policies review and changes; conducts special studies as required; ensures compliance with university, state, and federal regulations and standard accounting procedures.


Principal Librarian


Mr. H. A. Oshilalu is the Principal Librarian and he coordinates the activities of the University Library. He is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the development of the University library system.


The Dean of Student Affairs


Dr. Amarachukwu Obayiuwana of the Department of Biolological Sciences is the Dean of Students' Affairs. The Unit is responsible for the management of the halls of residence of students as well as their welfare. It is headed by the Dean appointed by the Vice Chancellor. The responsibilities of the Dean of Student Affairs include but not limited to advising students on career matters; organizing sporting activities; movement of students in and out of campus; encouraging students to participate in social and cultural activities; providing counseling services and organizing talks on human formation (all bordering on intellectual, moral and social growth). Use the email contact above to reach this office.

Dean of Student Affairs


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