Every student resides on campus and feeds at the University's main cafeteria with the prepaid meal cards to be provided after registration. 

Students are required to come along with the following items to the Hostel:

1.       Beddings – (specifically, one pillow, at least two sets of bed sheets and pillow slips). The University will provide the mattress while you will take away your pillow at the end of the session.

2.       Personal Clothing:  Students should note that though the University will not specify a particular dress code, it emphasizes “dress sense” which means that students must be properly dressed in a dignified manner to the classroom and around the hostel. T-shirt, body hug tops and slippers will not be allowed into the classrooms.

3.       Toiletries: Students should bring their own towels, house coats, tooth brushes, tooth paste, soaps, creams, etc.

4.       Notebooks and stationery

5.       Laptops / Notepad computers

6.       Laboratory coats for the science students.

7.       Mobile phones if you so desire


Students should note that the University has invested so much to provide decent and comfortable on-campus accommodation. The following items are therefore not allowed into the Hostels:

1.       Electrical gadgets such as refrigerators or freezers, boiling rings, electric kettles, microwave, hot plates and TV sets

2.       Gas cookers, kerosene/gas stoves, cooking pots and knives, etc

3.       Firearms, fireworks, weapons, explosives, pornographic materials, alcoholic drinks and hard drugs.

4.       Cars or other automobiles

Students would be required to complete a Tenancy Agreement form on arrival in the Hostel.

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