Tues.24-Fri.27 September, 2019

Staff Retreat

Wed.02 October, 2019

Arrival of Returning/Direct Entry Students

Thur.03-Fri.04 October, 2019


Mon.07 October, 2019

First Semester lectures begin for 200 level to 400 level Students

Mon.14 October, 2019

Arrival of 100 level Students

Tue.15-Fri.18 October, 2019

Orientation/Course Registration for 100 level Students

Mon.21 October, 2019

First Semester lectures begin for100 level Students

Thur.24 October, 2019

Maiden Convocation Ceremony

Thurs.31 October, 2019    

38th Senate Meeting

Thur.28 November, 2019

39th Senate Meeting

Sun.15 December 2019 - Sun.5 January 2020

Christmas Break

Sun.5 January 2020           

Arrival of All Students on Campus

Mon.6 January 2020         

First Semester lectures continue for all Students

Thur.30 January, 2019

40th Senate Meeting

Fri.31 January 2020 (14 weeks)

End of First Semester lectures for 200 to 400 level Students

Mon.03-Fri 07 February, 2020 (15th week) 

Revision week for 200 to 400 level Students

Fri.14 February, 2020 (14 weeks)

End of lectures for 100 level Students

Mon.10-Fri. 21 February, 2020

First Semester Examinations for 200 to 400 level Students

Mon.17-Fri. 21 February, 2020(15th week)

Revision week for 100 level Students

Thur.20 February, 2020                            

Matriculation Ceremony

Mon 24 February-Fri. 06 March 2020          

First Semester Examinations for 100 level Students

Fri. 20, March 2020  

40th Senate Meeting for consideration of First Semester Results

 Mon.09 March-Sun 29 March 2020             

End of First Semester/Mid-session Break

Mon. 23 March, 2020

Beginning of COVID-19 indefinite lock down of Educational Institutions in Nigeria 

Mon. 27 April, 2020

Second Semester online lectures begin for all students

Thurs. 28 May, 2020

41st  Senate Meeting

Thurs. 25 June, 2020

42nd Senate Meeting

Fri. 07 August, 2020 (14th Week)

End of Second Semester Lectures

Mon.10-Fri.14 August, 2020 (15th week)                    

Revision Week

 Mon. 17-Fri. 28 August, 2020 

Second Semester Examinations

Thur. 10 September 2020

43rd Senate Meeting for consideration of Second Semester Results/End of Session




Fri.01 November, 2019                               

All Saints Day

Sat. 02 November, 2019

All Souls Day

Sun.08 December, 2019                             

Immaculate Conception

Fri.13-Sun.15 December, 2019

Mid-Semester Spiritual Retreat

Sun.15 December, 2019

Christmas Carols/End of year break

Wed.26 February,2020

Ash Wednesday

Thurs.19 March,2020

Solemnity of St. Joseph

Fri. 10 April, 2020

Good Friday

Mon.13 April, 2020

Easter Monday

Fri.15-Sun.17 May, 2020

Mid-Semester Spiritual Retreat


Proposed Students’ Week

Thurs. 21 May, 2020

Ascension Day

Mon. 29 June, 2020

Solemnity of SS Peter and Paul

Sat. 15 August, 2020

Solemnity of the Assumption

Fri. 28 August, 2020

Feast of Patron Saint, St. Augustine of Hippo


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