This is the 2022/2023 Academic Calendar for the JUPEB programme.  



Thursday, 6th October, 2022

Staff Orientation Programme

Monday, 17th October, 2022

Resumption of JUPEB Students

Tuesday, 18th  – Friday, 21st October, 2022

Orientation/Registration of JUPEB students

Wednesday, 19th October, 2022

Inaugural Mass

Monday, 24th October, 2022

Graduation Ceremony

Tuesday, 25th October, 2022

First Semester lectures begin

Wednesday, 23rd November – Friday, 25th November, 2022

First Semester (CAT I)

Sunday, 18th December, 2022

Christmas Break

Tuesday, 3rd January, 2023

Arrival of JUPEB students

Wednesday, 4th January, 2023

First Semester lectures continue

Monday, 6th -  Wednesday, 8th February, 2023            

First Semester (CAT II)

Thursday, 9th February, 2023

Matriculation Ceremony

Monday, 13th – Friday, 17th February, 2023 

Revision week for first semester

Monday, 20th – Thursday, 23rd February, 2023

First Semester Examinations

Monday, 27th February – 3rd March, 2023

Marking/Compilation of results

Monday, 27th February – Friday, 24th March, 2023

First Semester break

Sunday, 26th March, 2023

Resumption of JUPEB students

Monday, 27th March, 2023

Commencement of Second Semester lectures

To be fixed by JAMB

UTME Examinations

Thursday, 6th April – Tuesday, 10th April, 2023

Easter Break

Tuesday, 11th April, 2023

Resumption from Easter Break

Wednesday, 12th April, 2023

Lectures continue

Tuesday, 9th – Friday, 12th May, 2023

Students’ Week Activities

Wednesday, 17th – Friday, 19th May, 2023

Second Semester (CAT III)

Wednesday, 7th – Friday, 9th June, 2023                            

Second Semester (CAT IV)

Friday, 7th July, 2023

End of lectures for Second Semester

Monday, 10th – Friday, 14th July, 2023

Revision week for Second Semester

Tuesday, 18th – Friday, 21st July, 2023

JUPEB Mock Examinations

Monday 24th – Friday, 28th July, 2023          

Marking/Compilation of results

Monday,24th - Friday, 28th July, 2023

Second Semester Break

Sunday, 30th July, 2023

Resumption of JUPEB students

Monday, 31st July – Friday, 4th August, 2023

Revision week for JUPEB External Examinations

August, 2023

JUPEB External Examinations



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