Miss Kehinde Ogunbanwo Shines as Augustine University's 2023 Overall Best Graduating Student

In a remarkable display of academic excellence, Miss Kehinde Ogunbanwo from the Department of Computer Science emerged as the 2023 Overall Best Graduating Student of Augustine University with CGPA of 4.86, setting a new standard for achievement at the Institution. 

Her remarkable journey is an inspiration to all aspiring scholars and a testament to the power of perseverance and commitment to one's goals. 

Join us as we delve into the incredible achievements and extraordinary story of Miss Kehinde Ogunbanwo, a shining star in the academic world.

In her words:

1. "My journey at Augustine University has been a challenging, yet worthwhile. Being here has taught me to be diligent, hardworking and time-conscious. Achieving this honor means a lot to me because this has always been my dream.

2. My dreams and goals kept me motivated throughout my journey. I knew what I wanted and I also knew that I had to work hard for it. That kept me consistently motivated throughout my academic career at Augustine University.

3. I encountered few academic obstacles during my time at Augustine University.  One of them was me having to resume about 6 weeks to the semester’s exam. It was a really tough time for me but I handled the situation by staying up late until midnight,studying. Keeping good friends also helped me.

4. Beyond academic activities, I was a member of the Choir, Legion of Mary and the Board of Lectors. During my stay, I was elected as Provost of the Board of Lectors in 2022 and President in 2023. Joining these societal groups helped me improve my self-confidence and develop team work, communication and leadership skills.

5. One memorable experience that has held a significant impact on my life was my matriculation day. Watching some students climb the stage as they were awarded for their academic performance motivated me to also strive to be like them. I’m grateful to God that till I graduated, I was also one of the students that received awards at every matriculation.

6. My best friends - Balogun Oreoluwa Martina, Joel Mercy Pulka, Uso Abiakanie Effiong and most especially Obla Paulinus have been my role models. They taught me that if I believe in myself, I can be the best at whatever I make up my mind to do.

7. Balancing academic excellence with other aspects of my life has not really been an issue for me because from time to time, I always reminded myself that I had to strike a balance between my school life and my social life. This was one of the reasons I joined in other activities like sports, the choir and the likes to constantly remind myself that there’s life beyond academics. 

8. I plan to get a masters degree in  Artificial Intelligence. Getting a degree in Computer Science has provided me with the foundation I need to study Artificial Intelligence. I’m currently taking a course on data science which I’m getting to love. I’m also into graphic designing and I have a certificate in Web Design. I’m working on improving myself in these aspects.

9. My advice to my peers and future students to excel academically and personally is to be determined, hardworking and persevere as the road to success is not an easy one but is worth every sweat.

10. My achievements can positively impact my community by helping people, especially students realize that hardwork pays and if they believe in themselves and with God by their side, the sky will be the starting point.

11. I would like to say a word of appreciation to my fellow graduates and the entire Augustine University community for making my stay in the school a memorable one. To my fellow graduates, go into the world and become the best versions of yourself. See you at the top".

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