A team of agriculturists from the Comprehensive Local Agriculture Plan (C-LAP) project visited AUI on a partnership/ collaborating mission with the University. The C-LAP project is a comprehensive plan for the development of agriculture at the local government level towards the improvement of the agricultural sector. The team which visited AUI was made up of Dr. Tanay Soshi and Dr. S. Yadar along with the owner of C-LAP, Mr. Dumebi Kachikwu. The purpose of their visit was to discuss with the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. S. O Afolami on how best to establish a robust partnership with AUI in setting up an agricultural Faculty in the University. This, according to the team leader, Dumebi Kachikwu is part of a national initiative at setting up C-LAP outstations in every local government in Nigeria.

The team also discussed ways of making AUI commercially viable as regards students’ enrollment with the suggestion of programmes like Agriculture, Engineering, etc. Discussions also centered on how there can be partnership with foreign universities via students’ exchange programmes between Faculties. As regards Agriculture, as a course, the team leader explained the mode being employed to attract candidates into the field. These strategies include immediate employment after completion of the course, disbursement of car loans, etc. Also, the course will not stand alone as a degree but rather as a combination of other fields as part of its overall package. Mr. Dumebi also gave reasons why agriculture is the new path to success citing economic indices but he also explained that the right planning, tools and programmes need to be put in place to ensure success. Afterwards, the C-LAP team went on a tour of the campus landmass and facilities and also filled the Visitor’s register. A formal proposal is expected from the team.




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