As part of the efforts to ensure that students of Augustine University produce good research reports, a University-wide seminar was held on Wednesday 9 January, 2018 in Lecture Room 201. The seminar, which was attended by all academic staff and final year students was given by Professor James Oguntuase, the Head of Department, Mathematical Sciences.

According to the Professor, a good research work should contribute to existing body of knowledge, no matter how little, deepen the student's knowledge of a particular area beyond the classroom experience and expose him/her to research skills such as information gathering, organization, processing , analysis and presentation in written as well as oral formats.

While speaking on the roles of the lecturers as supervisors, he added that the supervisor should assist the student in choosing a suitable topic; provide guidance to the student, read drafts of the report produced by the student and eliminate material that may lead to a plagiarism charge and finally, assist the student in the oral presentation of the study at a seminar in the department.

Professor Oguntuase said a project was made up of three distinct parts: the preliminaries, main body of the research work and references. He added that diligence, thoroughness, good writing and proofreading skills as well as good oral presentation skills were essential to produce a good project.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Steve Afolami, while making his remarks said the seminar was necessary so that students would know what was expected of them. He added that it was also an opportunity for the University Community to agree on the layout and the format the research work would be presented in.

Faculty agreed that the research work should be presented in A4 paper size; preliminary pages should be in Roman numerals and each faculty should determine the color of the cover pages according to the specifications in the academic brief.

Furthermore, the Vice-Chancellor directed all departments to forward their format recommendations to the Human Resources and Quality Assurance Directorate headed by Professor Catherine Eromosele, for harmonization and documentation.

The Vice-Chancellor expressed gratitude to Professor Oguntuase, for the seminar.



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